Compare, Benchmark and Review Modern Browser

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Internet has become part of modern life styles and activities. As we know that the largest internet activity is browsing dan even some people say, browsing is the internet itself. See Web Server : market share and blogging activities, the growth of blogging activity has been increase popularity of the web server used, such Nginx and GWS ( Google Web Server ). Microsoft was released Internet Explorer v8 that has claimed as high performance, fastest and safety. Mozilla Firefox has released Firefox v3.5 ( beta version ), has many improvement of performance and speed than previous version. Opera also has released Opera v10.00 and Apple with Safari v4.0. All vendor claim as the best performance, fastest and safety, really ? I will describe how to benchmark modern browser, See detail my Technorati Profile … continue reading : Compare, Benchmark and Review Modern Browser.

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Opera has released Opera Unite

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Opera software ASA, also known as Opera Web Browser Developer, today has released a product. The product was called Opera Unite and it is available to download at

Opera Unite is a unique technology that turn our computer or device running Opera into Web Server. With Opera Unite, we as developer chance to develope applications ( known as Opera Unite Services ) that directly link people’s personal computers togethers.

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