Internet has become part of modern life styles and activities. As we know that the largest internet activity is browsing dan even some people say, browsing is the internet itself. See Web Server : market share and blogging activities, the growth of blogging activity has been increase popularity of the web server used, such Nginx and GWS ( Google Web Server ). Microsoft was released Internet Explorer v8 that has claimed as high performance, fastest and safety. Mozilla Firefox has released Firefox v3.5 ( beta version ), has many improvement of performance and speed than previous version. Opera also has released Opera v10.00 and Apple with Safari v4.0. All vendor claim as the best performance, fastest and safety, really ? I will describe how to benchmark modern browser, See detail my Technorati Profile

Several new web browser versions have been released in the last days which made it important to benchmark the latest official versions and the latest. Futuremark Corporation was benchmark with latest processor and web browser, see detail at this picture bellow.

Browser Benchmark by Futuremark Corporation

Browser Benchmark by Futuremark Corporation

Futuremark Corporation use some elements of their benchmark :

Rendering, these tests measure your browser’s ability to render and modify specific elements used in typical web pages. Rendering tests manipulate the DOM tree in real-time. The tests measure display updating speed (frames per seconds).

Social networking, Social networking sites use JavaScript to provide navigation, forms and other features. These tests measure typical webpage functions, such as loading, sorting and searching for data. The purpose of these tests is to show the relation between the tests and real life. Performance in these tests is measured in frames per seconds.

Complex graphics, these tests use ‘Canvas’, a new web technology for drawing and manipulating graphics without external plug-ins. Canvas is not yet supported by all major browsers so the scores from these tests are not included in the overall Peacekeeper score.

Data, Almost everything you see on a dynamic webpage uses JavaScript arrays. These tests measure your browser’s ability to add, remove and modify data stored in an array. DOM operations, DOM, or Document Object Model, is the standard API JavaScript uses to create dynamic webpages. These tests emulate the methods used to create typical dynamic webpages. The DOM tests are based on development experience and the capabilities of the jQuery framework.

Text parsing, these tests measure your browser’s performance in typical text manipulations such as using a profanity filter for chats, browser detection and form validation. we do bechmark up a laptop that use the same concept with Futuremark Corporation. Benchmark results that we do can be seen in the picture below.

Browser Benchmark of my PC

Browser Benchmark of my PC

We can take the conclusion that Safari is the best of speed and performance, followed by Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer ( IE ). Although this result can not be the main reference if we want to selecting browser but as consideration for user in selecting browser. See also popularity browser that does not reflect the performance and speed, as can be seen on Web Browser War, Popularity and Market Share.

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