Compare and Review Terra Byte Hard Drive

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Hard Disk Drive is a non-volatile storage device which stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating platters by magnetizing ferromagnetic material directionally. Hard disk drive also knows as hard disk, hard drive or HDD.

In April 2009, the highest capacity hard disk was launched. Samsung launching 1 TB SpinPoint F1 series desktop drive, Seagate has also entered the mix by launching it’s 1 TB model in the Barracuda. Western Digital also launching Caviar series, Caviar Green with capacity 2 TB and Caviar Black series with capacity 1 TB. Other vendor hard disk that launch big hard disk capacity, Hitachi, launch DeskStar series 7K1000.
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Compare, Benchmark and Review Modern Browser

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Internet has become part of modern life styles and activities. As we know that the largest internet activity is browsing dan even some people say, browsing is the internet itself. See Web Server : market share and blogging activities, the growth of blogging activity has been increase popularity of the web server used, such Nginx and GWS ( Google Web Server ). Microsoft was released Internet Explorer v8 that has claimed as high performance, fastest and safety. Mozilla Firefox has released Firefox v3.5 ( beta version ), has many improvement of performance and speed than previous version. Opera also has released Opera v10.00 and Apple with Safari v4.0. All vendor claim as the best performance, fastest and safety, really ? I will describe how to benchmark modern browser, See detail my Technorati Profile … continue reading : Compare, Benchmark and Review Modern Browser.

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Web Browser Wars, Popularity and Market Share

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The web browser vendor are present and past competitions to make their browser dominance and popular in the web browser market. Although Microsoft Internet Explorer currently is the first popular web browser on Microsoft Windows but the presence of alternative browsers have successfully reduced the market share of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Microsoft had advantage in the browser wars, Microsoft Windows had over 90% share of the operating system market and Microsoft Internet Explorer was bundled with every copy of Windows. So, Microsoft was able dominate the web browser market share easily as customer had Microsoft Internet Explorer as a default browser. Microsoft also locked up a large portion of the Macintosh browser market in 1997 as part of its agreement with Apple that year to make Internet Explorer for Mac the default browser on the Mac for five years.

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MS SQL Server High Availability with Clustering

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One of the techniques that can be used to create the SQL Server High Availability is clustering.  Clustering can be best described as a technology that automaticaly allows one physical server to take over the tasks and responsibilities of another physical server that has failed. Clustering is one of strategic needed to reduce MS SQL Server downtime, so system can serve client anytime.

With clustering technology, we can take advantage of the built-in clustering capabilities to make SQL Server Availability in  the Enterprise Editions of the Windows Server family. To maximize the benefits you’ll gain from clustering, recomended to use Microsoft Windows Server 2003  significantly better than Windows 2000 Advanced Server for clustering purpose. See my sample configuration of MS SQL Server High Availability at this picture below.

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High Availability and Secret of Number Nine

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On a public service demands that always ready in 24 hours, needed a high availability management that make sure system is always running. Therefore, if we want to  create a system with a high level of availability is not as easy and simple as installing a piece of software and hardware, or using not just run a command periodically with a syntax xxx –full-online.

If we want to build system with high availability,  it’s needed best platform and system to make sure public service always running anytime from node to node. Analyze and performance test of each element, constructing and testing an end-to-end solution that encompasses people, process, and technology is the only tried-and-true method of preparing for a potential disaster. Redundant technology for availability only provides the end physical manifestation of a larger, agreed-on goal that also takes into account security and performance.

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Web Server : Market Share and Blog Activity

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Based on the result of a survey of some organization in June, 2009 about market share of web server. Apache retains the dominant market share of 47.12%, approximately 112.2 million sites in total, and saw a modest increase in market share of 0.63 percentage points this month. Microsoft IIS, and google take the next position. Do you think about the result of this survey ?

The most recent Netcraft Web Server Survey found, Microsot IIS decrease 3.5 percentage points this month. Is these likely to be affected by the latest WebDAV remote authentication bypass vulnerability which attackers can bypass access restrictions using a flaw in the WebDAV functionality ? See detail about this at Microsoft IIS 5.0 and vulnerability.

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Mozilla Firefox Multiple Vulnerabilities

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Some vulnerabilities have been reported in Mozilla Firefox by Mozilla Developer and Community, which can be exploited by malicious people to disclose sensitive information, bypass certain security restrictions, or to compromise a vulnerable system. Some of these crashes showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances and we presume that with enough effort at least some of these could be exploited to run arbitrary code.
Secunia Research has discovered a vulnerability in Firefox, which can be exploited by malicious people to potentially compromise a user’s system.

The vulnerability is caused due to a race condition when accessing the private data of an NPObject JS wrapper class object if navigating away from a web page while loading a Java applet. This can be exploited via a specially crafted web page to use already freed memory. Successful exploitation may allow execution of arbitrary code.

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Google Local Bussiness Center has been released

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Usually, before we decide to buy something, we make some observations from the comfort of our home or office and compare across multiple stores and other competitors. Expected to compare with the many items in many stores, we will get the goods with the right price.

Google has introduced a new feature that displays store locations to users looking for items in its product search tool. The new feature is aimed at helping users finding store locations in their local area and also helping businesses attract more customers to their stores. So, get detail information about this product or feature at Google Local Bussiness Center or Google Base.

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Opera has released Opera Unite

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Opera software ASA, also known as Opera Web Browser Developer, today has released a product. The product was called Opera Unite and it is available to download at

Opera Unite is a unique technology that turn our computer or device running Opera into Web Server. With Opera Unite, we as developer chance to develope applications ( known as Opera Unite Services ) that directly link people’s personal computers togethers.

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The Microsoft web platform

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We’ve got a great place for you to host your Web site, sell your products, deploy your custom code or most popular Web applications and manage your Web content. We can select one of three options :

Shared Hosting is when a website is hosted on a server that hosts other websites. The hosting provider owns, operates, and manages the infrastructure and the customer controls the content. This is the most economical option. Shared hosting is best for low traffic web sites such as those used by clubs, groups or small businesses that have basic needs. Monthly pricing ranges from less than $10 to more than $30. Through this Microsoft Web Platform offer you can save $20 to $60 off your first year hosting costs. Select one of our shared hosting providers to get started.

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