Basic Learning PHP : Looping

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In PHP programming, we are often required to repeat a block of code, instead of adding several almost equal lines in a script we can use loops to perform a task like this. PHP has three types of loop constructs that all do the same thing, repeat a block of code a number of times, FOR loop, DO loop and WHILE loop. There are other types that have specific function in array : FOREACH. With FOREACH, it will loops through a block of code for each element in an array.

The FOR loop provides a compact way to create a loop with a specified number of times. We use the FOR loop when we know in advance how many times a block of code should run or execute. The FOR loop is also known as definite loop and it’s preferred by most programmers because it’s more convenient to use. See following example performs the FOR loop. … continue reading : Basic Learning PHP : Looping.

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Opera has released Opera Unite

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Opera software ASA, also known as Opera Web Browser Developer, today has released a product. The product was called Opera Unite and it is available to download at

Opera Unite is a unique technology that turn our computer or device running Opera into Web Server. With Opera Unite, we as developer chance to develope applications ( known as Opera Unite Services ) that directly link people’s personal computers togethers.

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The Microsoft web platform

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We’ve got a great place for you to host your Web site, sell your products, deploy your custom code or most popular Web applications and manage your Web content. We can select one of three options :

Shared Hosting is when a website is hosted on a server that hosts other websites. The hosting provider owns, operates, and manages the infrastructure and the customer controls the content. This is the most economical option. Shared hosting is best for low traffic web sites such as those used by clubs, groups or small businesses that have basic needs. Monthly pricing ranges from less than $10 to more than $30. Through this Microsoft Web Platform offer you can save $20 to $60 off your first year hosting costs. Select one of our shared hosting providers to get started.

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