Web Server : Market Share and Blog Activity

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Based on the result of a survey of some organization in June, 2009 about market share of web server. Apache retains the dominant market share of 47.12%, approximately 112.2 million sites in total, and saw a modest increase in market share of 0.63 percentage points this month. Microsoft IIS, qq.com and google take the next position. Do you think about the result of this survey ?

The most recent Netcraft Web Server Survey found, Microsot IIS decrease 3.5 percentage points this month. Is these likely to be affected by the latest WebDAV remote authentication bypass vulnerability which attackers can bypass access restrictions using a flaw in the WebDAV functionality ? See detail about this at Microsoft IIS 5.0 and vulnerability.

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Google Local Bussiness Center has been released

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Usually, before we decide to buy something, we make some observations from the comfort of our home or office and compare across multiple stores and other competitors. Expected to compare with the many items in many stores, we will get the goods with the right price.

Google has introduced a new feature that displays store locations to users looking for items in its product search tool. The new feature is aimed at helping users finding store locations in their local area and also helping businesses attract more customers to their stores. So, get detail information about this product or feature at Google Local Bussiness Center or Google Base.

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