As a web design, we are required to be able to provide web design with a beautiful Graphical User Interfaces ( GUI ), interactive and user friendly. There are things that we should not forget that we must first determine everything in perspective visitor’s system. One of the things that we must more attentions, how speedy are our visitor’s computers, internet connections and how fast is our server ? These factors are going determine how large the our website’s files can be as well as the display size and resolution we should use for our site.

If the total size of our website is larger, the longer a page will take to download and display. Total size of our website refers to all of the files that make up a web page, including HTML, external CSS file, external JavaScript file, images, sound, video and others file. HTML, CSS and JavaScript file are simply text and therefore often fairly compact. It’s usually the image, sound and video files that are large enough to cause download and display problems. So, we must take total size of our website more than 100K ( including all the graphics, sound and video files ).

How do our plan ahead for limited total file size of our website ? There are some things we should do in order to speed up loading our website by reduce the total size of web page.

First, optimizing graphic that we use in our website. We can use graphic editor such as Adobe Photoshop to optimize our graphic files.

Second, reuse graphics, audio and video files from page to page because they too large to download. With this action, they are downloaded only the first time they are referenced.

Third, pull out most of the CSS and JavaScript files into external. These are download only the first time they are referenced on a site and they can be reused by all other pages of the our website without further download hits.

Fourth, Don’t use gratuitous graphics, animation, or sound. Each file should have a clear reason for being on the site, whether for utilitarian purposes or for enhancing the site’s appeal. A large, attractive image map used for navigation has both practical and aesthetic purposes, as would pictures of products for sale. On the other hand, a graphic that is just filling space should be eliminated.

Fifth, minimize the number of unique navigation buttons. For instance, a site with 50 different navigation buttons, each with unique wording and a rollover effect, will require downloading 100 different images. In contrast, 50 text links (with rollovers provided by CSS) carry only a small download price.

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