In this discussion, we will learning what is HTML tags and element ? We will be guided step by step to understand this topics. HTML documents are text files that contain tags which are used to mark up HTML elements and usually saved with the .html file extension, although some prefer .htm ( it’s a holdover from DOS file name limitations, three character for the extension ). See detail about Basic Learning Web Based Technology that will show basic structure of HTML documents.

The core purpose of markup is to organize content into related pieces and identify them explicitly. These pieces of content are grouped into sections, called elements. The start and end annotations of elements are commonly referred to as tags.

An element is nothing more than text wrapped between a pair of tags. Angle brackets, the < and > characters, delimit the beginning and end of a tag. Take for instance, this piece of text:

This is a paragraph.

HTML tags are surrounded by angle brackets, for example “

” is a paragraph start tag and end tag are identical to the opening start tag but with an added forward slash. So, a complete HTML element for example will looks like this :

<p>This is a paragraph. </p>

In the concept of HTML tags, there are many occasions when tags must be placed inside each other, it’s called nesting. One reason for nesting is to apply basic style to text based elements.

<p><strong><em>This is a paragraph. </em></strong></p>

In this case, the strong and “em” tags could be in the opposite order, as they’re at the same level in the hierarchy. However, you must always close nested tags in the reverse order to that in which they’re opened, as shown in the previous code block.

We hope this discussion, we have the additional knowledge about what and how the HTML Tags and Elements. See detail about HTML and web developer in others discussion at this site.

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